Thursday, June 21, 2012

Soda Stream Review

Recently we received a Soda Stream to review.
As you can see they sent everything we needed to test out this wonderful product as well as many different soda and water flavors to try.

I will say that I love having this in my home though we don't allow our kids to drink much soda this certainly makes it easier when we do let them have some. Not only does it save you money over time on soda its super simple to use.

As you can see the Soda Stream has absolutely no power supply just this CO2 cartridge so you don't have to use any electricity to make your soda.

Fill the reusable bottle with water to the line and screw it in to your soda stream, push the button on top until you hear a buzz I do it for the buzz 3 times to make sure its carbonated well.

Choose your flavor of soda we used Root Beer as that is the kids favorite. Tilt the bottle when you are pouring in the syrup so it doesn't overflow.

Gently and I mean gently shake the bottle and there it is fresh soda made in the comfort of your own home.

I would definitely recommend the purchase of one of these to any of my family or friends.
For more information on where you can purchase a Soda Stream visit their website.

*This product was sent to me for the purpose of this review, all opinions stated are my own, I was not compensated in anyway for this review.

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