Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Malikhi's Protective Style

As you all know we are participating in KandyLand Kurls Protective Style Challenge. Malikhi and Chaela are the only 2 participating this time and here is his style!

We started by washing his hair with Beautiful Curls Shea moisture shampoo and moisturizing with their leave in conditioner, and sealed with coconut oil.

I parted his hair from ear to ear and started cornrowing half way back and braiding all the way down.

The back is just individual box braids I measured his hair after I braided it and it was 10.5 inches long!

* side not MaChaela's mini braids are 9.5 long and thats good for us!

Wordless Wednesday Curls!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mini Braids on Chaela

We finally broke down and tried mini braids thanks to all my lovely readers making me notice that her hair is thickening up! If you remember we are participating in Kandy Land Kurls Protective Style Challenge, I'm really hoping that I can get atleast 3 weeks out of these braids.

There are way more braids than I thought I would get we counted 102 and it took about 4-5 hours over the course of a whole day.

To achieve these I washed and conditioned with Curls of The world Curlie whurlie kids. Moisturized and detangled with Blended Beauty Curly Cake Shake and sealed with coconut oil. We did apply Eco-styler Gel to each braid to give it hold thanks to the wonderful blogging mom over at Mainly Braids for this wonderful advice.

and there is your cute photo of the day! please ignore the chocolate and snot lol!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Update Fat Fat's Curls

Whew would you look at them juicy curls! lol, all joking aside we are still using the Cara B Naturally products on his hair and his hair really loves these products. I also love the easiness of applying the products to his hair I was his hair twice a week with the Shampoo and then apply the moisturizer in between washes I just spray it with the moisturizing mist and comb it gently it keeps his hair looking shiny and soft.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cleopatra Braids

I have always loved the look of Cleopatra braids just never done them until now this will be our last beaded style for the next few months since we are participating in Kandy Land Kurls Protective Style Challenge so without further ado here it is

We used these beautiful purple and Silver beads we won from the Winter Wonderland Giveaway hosted by Untrained Hair Mom and Curly is Cuter.

This style does not require much explaining as it is just layered cornrows but she loves it and so do I

Well Thank you for coming and check back soon we have an update on lil man, and a 2 new styles for Mali and Chaela coming up this week.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Rafflecopter Launch Giveaway!

Rafflecopter is having a great giveaway to launch their new widget I love it btw!!! Don't forget to tell them who referred you

Update Malics TWA!

I wanted to give everyone an update on Malic's pretty curls so here it is!

We finally have a TWA!!!! It will be time to start the locs before long and I'm getting super excited!

Today on his hair we used Beautiful curls Curl Activating Cream!! It really does wonders on his hair I love the way it makes his curls all shiny and soft!

and this is the last pic he would let me get check out lil pamper booty in the back lol my baby!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Boys Style!

Hello again finally another style for boys!!! are you as excited as I am?!?!?! of course we started this style on clean detangled hair and let me tell you this boy has had straight back cornrows for the better part of 2 weeks so he was so happy to finally get something different!

Woot Woot check out that big hair =) Love my babies hair its so nice! just had to share this pic!

Honestly I kinda freestyled this off a style I saw on the internet that I loved though I can't say exactly where I saw it I'm sorry!
I started this by doing the center part at an angle and curving it as I went to the nape of his neck!
I did braid this a little differently since I started by braiding from the middle of his head to his ears.

.Each individual braid starts with two smaller seperate braids except the ones on each side are three smaller braids.

on his hair I used the Curls of the World products Shampoo, Conditioner and Braid cream plus some eco styler gel for hold.

Yup thats right check out that hang time!!! We are exactly back to where we were in length before the "trim"

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