Thursday, September 29, 2011

Organizing Accessories and Necessities!

I have seen a couple post on how other organize their Hair products and accessories Mainly Braids has a great way that they organize all their hair accessories! There is also All Things Cute and Girly also shows how she keeps hers organized!

I love seeing everyones different ideas mine is not so original but it works for us and I used items we already had around the house. Ziploc bags and older storage containers is really all we use!
This is all our hair bows we don't use much right now so we don't have much! All I did for this was staple a piece of ribbon on the wall and clipped all our bows to them! (free) I already had this piece of ribbon laying around

We just put all our curlformers in this plastic shoebox we actually bought this for something else but ended up not needing it so we decided it was perfect for the curlformers! (1.50) on sale at WalMart.

Comb's brushes, bobby pins, and rubberbands are in the top drawer of a small plastic dresser! the rubberbands are kept in the little blue bag from our bank!

This is our beads all spread out for you to see they are almost all organized in separate bags by color! Let me Clarify the ones that aren't are the bigger beads such as the Hearts, butterfly's, and stars, as well as the princess mix we bought from walmart already mixed together. The small container is little clippies.

These are the beads put up in the drawer they are placed in the bottom takes up less room in Ziploc bags than if I were to place them all in separate plastic containers.

These are our ballies and barrettes they again are separated by color ballies and barrettes of matching color are in the same bag! The 2 small green containers are cloth pony's!

Ballies and Barrettes in their drawer they are in the middle as we use these more than the beads! once again still plenty of room for more stuff since we use the Ziploc bags.

This is our arsenal of hair products!!! Since we have 4 children we do have lots of stuff (I'm not a PJ I swear) and Yes we do use all of it for different styles. (excuse the magic marker).

Like I said everyone organizes differently if you would like to share how you organize do so on our facebook fan page or even on our facebook friend page!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

old style (Sunburst)

Well you can tell how old this picture is lol she was also half asleep after reading a post on Intermittent Babbling about her daughters cute sunburst part style I realized I had the same style from a while back and figured I could post about it!
While mine isn't as pretty as hers and doesn't have as many braids I still enjoyed the simplicity of this style might have to try it again its been awhile! Don't forget to check out Intermittent Babblings beautiful Sunburst style!  You can also Check out another similar sunburst part over at UntrainedHairMom.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to Malic!!!!!

Another Birthday already! 5 Years ago today we added another addition to our family12 months 3 weeks and 4 days after our first addition! It's amazing how much love you can hold for such a tiny person but this was another one of the happiest days of my life, I can't believe it's already been 5 years! I love you Malic momma's boy your getting so big! Have a great day it's all about you!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Curls of The World Curlie Wurlie Kids review & style!

What can I say about this product besides that I think its great, Curls Of The World kids line Curlie Wurlie Kids Shampoo and conditioner work wonderfully on the princess They are fragrance free and all natural.
Ingredients: Saponified oils of Avacoda, Borage, Castor, Coconut, Evening Primrose, Palm, Sesame, Safflower, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Saponfied butters of cocoa, Carrageenan, Xantham Gum, Potassium Sorbate, Silver Citrate (natural perservatives)
Ingredients: Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Juice (Organic), Avocado Oil, Citric Acid, DL Panthenol, Emulsifying wAx, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, Palm Steric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Safflower OIl, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Silk Protein, Silver Citrate, Vitamin E, Water, Wheat Germ Oil, Citrate, Vitamin E

We also used the Curls of The World Curlie Wurlie Kids Hair Cream
Ingredients: Purified Water, Shea Butter, Oranic Jojoba OIl, Sweet Almond Oil, Natural Preservatives (silver citrate and Potassium Sorbate)
This hair cream is great as well it makes Chaela's hair super soft and easy to handle We did the following style on her hair after using these products

Cornrow in the front with random parted braids and dark and baby blue sidewinders this style only took about 20 minutes from start to finish since her hair was in a ponytail all day after we washed and conditioned last night we braided it up hoping to get a braid out but woke up to lots of rain so that idea went straight out the window :(
Sorry about the quality of this picture she moved!
Thats her mean face lol!

*These products were sent to me for the purpose of this review I was not compensated for this and all opinions stated are my own

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Flat twisted piggy tails!

I'm sure everyone remembers the flat twisted piggytails with braids and blue and pink sidewinders. It lasted a little longer than I thought it would! The braids were looking pretty terrible today but the flat twists still looked great! So I decided to change the colors of sidewinders, add some ballies, and change the braids into rope twists!

I also decided instead of parting it straight down the middle I would add a little zig zag to it! I hope you guys like it I'm still not fond of the top but I am fond of getting as long out of a style as possible!
Oh yea I also love this outfit!!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sidewinders Review

That's right it's another product review! This time we are reviewing these great little hair accessories, they are a terrific alternative to beads! If you would like to purchase these visit the Sidewinders Hair Holders website. These colorful hair accessories are very reasonably priced! As you can see above the colors we got were Sapphire Blue, Yellow, Raspberry, and Baby Blue! They were shipped super fast and it only took about 2 days to get them! Now on to the style I used these for.
Isn't she lovely?!?!? She was so happy to be done and she loves the sidewinders on her braids!
You can see we did the great flat twist again (I do believe I'm addicted). I wanted to try something different so I flat twister her hair freestyle into two piggy tails! You can see I only flat twisted the front of her hair because she was getting restless!
I know both sides are not identical at all but I tried. The braids are all different sizes as well but since it will only last a few day's I'm not too concerned.
The top view as you can see there is one flat twist that is extremely large :( I'm not excited about this style at all!

We did have to use beads to hold on the sidewinders but only so I could feel safe on them not falling out!

OK so here it is we used the Sapphire Blue and the Raspberry since that's what the princess picked. They were super easy to put on the hair and there are plenty of video's  that show you how to put them on it took about half the time it takes to put beads on!

The small sidewinders perfect for shorter hair!

In conclusion: I am in LOVE!!! With the sidewinders and they look fabulous on braids! Also they will be wonderful to have for quick styles!!!!

*These were sent to me for the purpose of this review, I was not compensated for doing this review. All opinions are my own!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Darcy's Botanicals review/Yes, another Mohawk!

I recieved these products at the begining of the week and was so excited to do this review! The first product is Darcy's Botanicals Pumpkin seed Curl Moisturizing Conditioner, this conditioner is amazing!
Ingredients:Distilled (Aqua) water, behentrimonium Methosulfate, cetaryl alcohol, cucurbita pep (pumpkin) seed oil, cocos nucifera (organic virgin coconut oil), camellia (oleifera) seed oil, cetyl alcohol, extracts of avena sativa (oatstraw), urtica dioica (nettle leaf), symphyum officinale & juniperus communis (juniper berry) extracts, panthenol, hydrolyzed oat protein, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol and fragrance

Directions: Apply a generous amount throughout clean, wet hair. Let it set for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse and style accordingly

Claim: Moisturizes, softens and conditions curls, coils and waves.

I absolutely loved this conditioner by far the best I have ever tried, I didn't let it set for quite 15 minutes it was closer to 10 cause the princess started messing around in the tub! side note- it smells just like pumpkin pie (yummmmm)

The other product I recieved was Darcy's Botanicals as well this is the Madagascar Vanilla Styling cream.

Ingredients: Elaeis Guineensis (organic palm) oil, Oranic Aloe Vera Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Organic Madagascar Vanilla Extract, Emulsifying Wax NF, Ricinus communis (castor) oil, Oryza Sativa (rice bran) oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (jojoba) oil, Euphorbia Cerifera (candelilla) wax and Potassium sorbate.

Directions: Apply a small amount throughout dry or damp hair as needed to help seal in moisture. A little goes a long way.

Let me tell you they are not lying a little really does go a long way as you see shortly! It is a great product as well I usually don't get vanilla scented anything because 9 times out of 10 the scent is really strong and I just can't handle it. I love the faint vanilla scent this cream has and the hold it gave also helped define her curls a little bit.
Ok I started on freshly washed and detangled hair I washed with Olive oil shampoo and then used Darcy's Pumpkin seed conditioner. the pictures above are the steps to detangling and starting the style the very last picture is exactly how much of the Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme I used on her whole head!
The happy Princess after her hair was done! Excuse the Chocolate on her face! Now on to the style I decided to do something quick since we had to run to the store and get something for daddy, so I decided a Mohawk was the way to go you know how I love these styles!
I parted her hair from side to side into 4 seperate sections the top had to be bobby pinned back to make it look right and keep the hair out of her face!
The left side view see how pretty her curls came out using the Darcy's Botanical products!
Right side view OMG I absolutely love this!
The back of the "mohawk" I actually ended up pinning the very bottom pony up into the rest as well but she would not let me get a pic!

In conclusion the princess hair loves the Darcy's Botanical's product and so does mommy will be purchasing from them in the future! You can find these products on their site she also has a facebook page

*These products were sent to me for the purpose of this review, all opinions stated here are my own and I was not compensated for this.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Line it up!

First time tryin to fade for daddy! I think he did a decent job but I'm lovin the lines in the side hopefully I can get him to do a post on how he achieved this! Side note- There will probably only be one more haircut posted as it is starting to get cold where we live and we don't do cuts in the cold plus side I will be tryin my hand at locs!

Mainly Braids (blog spotlight)

This spotlight is from a good blogging friend of mine over at Mainly Braids. Not only does she have great Braiding skills like these awesome Braids to the side. She also has a feature Meal Plan Monday's where she talks about the best way to make meal plans and shop to help save money! Love that feature. She is also very talented in making Headers and Buttons for other blogs they are beautiful! Stop by and check out Mainly Braids!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flat, angled, & Twisted!

This is my first time attempting a style with flat twist of any kind, I chose to use a 2 strand flat twist and I love the way it looks on the princess!
I paired up with Diary of a Hair Princess for this style you can see the original here on her facebook page! I tried to keep it as close to the original as possible I think I did a pretty good job. Make sure to stop by and check out her blog and her great skills.

For this style I started on clean, well moisturized, detangled hair. I parted from ear to ear and tied the back off.

 For the top half I parted it straight down the middle and then diagonally to get each twist to go to the side I tied each flat twist off with a rubberband. For the back I just parted squares and put bands on the base and then did single two strand twist and put beads on the end.
If you remember the last time I did a style with twist it lasted 3 days this only lasted 2 days this time I didn't do the twist very tight, but it achieved a wonderful twist out photos and update coming soon!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Old style (Sideways Mohawk remixed)

I'm sure everyone remembers this style I remember after I did this style I didn't want to leave the beads on too long so I changed it up a little bit! I should have posted this the day I did it but to be honest I forgot that I took pictures (don't judge me) I have 4 kids so I forget quite a bit lol! So basically all I did was take all the beads off and then braided the top 2 sections of braids down and the bottom  2 sections of braids up and this resulted in a side pony added some purple heart ballies and unbraided the pony and she had a really cute style that lasted a few extra days!

 *please excuse the poor quality of the pictures they were taken on daddies phone!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9.11 Never forget!

I'm not going to do a long post about 9-11 we all already know what happened on that day and how terrible it was. I just wanted to do a short post in rememberance it's not easy to talk about this day but we will never forget what happened and how devastating it was so I would just like to say GOD BLESS AMERICA! and God bless everyone that is grieving for the family and friends that were lost on this day 10 years ago!

Check out this blog she has posted a wonderful poem!
Check out this style on Goldilocks for patriot day!
Check out this post on 9-11 as well!

Friday, September 9, 2011

"Mixed" Hair!

I absolutely LOVE comedy I enjoy the other night we sat down after we put the kids to bed and watched Mike Epps Presents Live From Nokia! This show was so funny I couldn't stop laughing and I am a huge fan of Mike Epps! While all the comedians were funny as we all know most of these comedy shows have tons of joke about race and there was one comedian in particular that said some things that are true and they inspired this post! This comedians name is Gary Owens.
As you can see from this picture they are an interracial couple now the jokes he told pertained to his kids and their hair textures! I could not find a clip of the video but his words were something like "with mixed kids you never know what you are getting with their hair" I laughed at the joke because while it was funny it is also true I have put together a collage of my kids and their different hair textures now many of you might say 4 kids from the same parents their hair can't be that much different well you would be surprised exactly how different they are.

I will start from the left and go to the right though I don't know their exact hair types I will try to explain them thoroughly to everyone.
First there's Malikhi his hair is very very kinky in this picture his hair has been stretched and combed thoroughly his curls a much tighter and the texture itself is in between its not real soft but its not course either.
Then there's Malic his hair has bigger softer curls but the texture is more rough than Malikhi's as you can see in this picture he has coils but we generally keep his hair pretty short.
Then the princess MaChaela her hair is kinky and her curls are tight but its very soft and fine its not thick like Malikhi and Malics hair.
Then you have the baby boy his curls aren't quite in yet but from the looks of them right now they are bigger curls like Malics but right now its still quite soft and thin!

Now all my babies were born with straight black hair they didn't have much just a thin layer of hair and then it grew in over time MaCorey is the only one that hasn't experienced any hair loss as he got older the other 3 most of their hair fell out and grew back quite fuzzy! So, I would just like everyone to know you can't expect all your children to have the same hair texture this is not necessarily going to happen no matter what you expect!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hair Accessories

I don't buy too many accessories from my local Wal-Mart, why you may ask well its simple everyone has them and I don't want my daughter walkin around with the same exact accessories as everyone else! It may sound shallow but hey that's me. So in my search for unique accessories I came across this blog Diva Locks (Diva Do's & Everything in between) she makes all different accessories from headbands to clips and bows even a really cute hat!!! She is always adding new thing's and is very reasonably priced stop by and check them out I'm sure you wont be dissapointed!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First post on Baby Boy!!!!

 This is MaCorey I have not done a hair post on him yet and figured it would be a good thing to do. Ok so he doesn't have much hair well that is the reason I decided to do this is because recently I have been hearing many stereotypes about biracial children one of which is that all of them have long hair well I am here to say this is not true! All 4 of my kids were born pretty much bald lol! MaCorey is 10.5 months old and still doesn't have much hair below is a picture of his precious curls.

Love his curls they are pretty easy to maintain I just rub a little coconut oil on them and comb I was his hair once a week so if your babies curls havent completely came in yet don't get down they will and when their hair does start to grow you will be wondering where all this hair came from!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beautiful Baby O and Mommy Nikki!

We finally got our third feature and I'm super excited about this one!!! Introducing Baby O and Mommy Nikki. Mommy is a fellow hair blogger you can find her blog right here as she share her trials and tribulations with learning to care for her daughters beautiful natural hair. ( I know everyone Notices that beautiful red color to her hair right!)

Tell us a little about your Naturally Curled Cutie.
This is Baby O and she’s just a month shy of three years old.  She loves getting her hair done and loves it even more when there’s a massive amount of beads in her hair so she can click and clack when she runs around.  She’s got a great vocabulary, most people don’t believe when I tell her age (and also because of her height)!  Her current favorite colors are orange and cheetah! (Cheetah love it)

What is your current hair care routine/regimen?
I wash her hair one night a week with CUSH mango babassu shampoo bar, unless she’s played extra hard at daycare.  I use my own shea butter mixture (shea butter, jojoba, avocado, grapeseed and coconut oils).  I apply it in the morning before school and at night after bathtime.  On days I don’t wash her hair, I wet it down with water since it is the best moisturizer!  I also use Shea Moisture Organic Hold & Shine Hair Moisture Mist Coconut & Hibiscus spray when I’m in a rush.  Wash and style days are usually Sunday, so she’s fresh for the week.  I like to keep a routine for our hair time, that way Baby O knows that it’s not play time even if we are watching a movie.  If I see she’s getting restless then we take a potty break followed by a little running around before sitting back down to finish.
What's your go to quick style?
I just figured out sister twists—they are so easy and quick when she wants an “up” hairstyle.  If I’m looking for really quick then I’ll wet her hair, moisturize it, comb it and let her wear it free with a flower clip on the side.
(Yes ladies you read that right Her own Shea butter mix) She goes into more detail about that in this post.

Whats your all time favorite products?
I love using all-natural products on Baby O’s hair—shea butter, coconut oil and things of that nature.  I typically make my own product.  The only things that I buy for baby O’s hair are CUSH mango babassu shampoo bar and the Shea Moisture hold and shine spray. (I absolutley lurv coconut oil)

Any tips or tricks you would like to share?
I let Baby O have input on her hairstyle.  If she’s not happy with it, she pulls it out after I put her to bed.  I also let her choose the accessories for her hair—beads vs ballies vs barrettes. Don’t:  Style too tight—no style is worth stress bumps or traction alopecia.  I also make sure to not always have it in a style.  I let her wear her hair free for about one week a month.  Her hair is short enough that it’s not going to get extremely tangled up. (See that ladies that is beyond true please keep in mind your baby's hairline while styling I know we all want our kids to look good but sometimes it can be too tight)

Can you share your or your child's favorite style?
Yes Ma’am! 
Very Cute!!!!

What was your greatest obstacle when learning to care for and style your cuties hair?
Actually learning how to style my daughter’s hair was (and still is) my greatest obstacle.  I really thought that Baby O would be born with a hair texture closer to mine…I was wrong for wishing that first of all, but it also didn’t happen.  Baby O has her father’s texture and my mother’s red hair!  Her hair is so gorgeous and kinky and curly and I’m so lucky to be able to twist, braid and fluff her hair.  It took me about six months to get up the courage to actually cornrow her hair and not my Manikin head.  The cornrows were fuzzy, but I kept them in for four days because I was so proud of them!  I’ve learned so much through all of the blogs that I follow, that I even started one of my own in order to journal my progress and to show other hair Mommies and Daddies that being able to care for their child’s hair isn’t something that just happens overnight or a talent you’re born with—it takes time and practice.

Thank you Baby O and Mommy for participating I just wanna keep her with me she is too adorable! Ladies don't forget to stop by her blog and show her some love!!!!!

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