Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dreads aren't happening :( cute cut though

Due to a decision between Malic and his daddy he has gotten a hair cut, I will admit that I am sad but he looks super cute with his new do!
Look at all that hair! I was almost in tears but he was super happy and couldn't stop smiling.
We were going for a fohawk with faded sides but daddy got slightly carried away.
after the sides grow out more we will redo it and fix it even more
It is starting to grow on me all that matters is that my baby likes it.


  1. That's a really cute cut!!!!! Fits him well!!! :)


  2. he looks adorable with his new hair cut!

  3. I am loving how it looks, I know you must be sad but he looks happy. He is handsome.

  4. aww. He is handsome either way..So treu as long as he's happy.

  5. He looks so handsome!! I love the new cut!

  6. You know what, that is sooooo cute I can't be mad about the dreds...

  7. wow, he is cute! I love the new hair cut!!!


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