Sunday, November 6, 2011

Inspired style with a slight twist!

Despite my best efforts the unthinkable has begun to happen I have noticed some breakage on the princess so we have decided no hair accessories will be on the ends of her hair for at least a month it might be longer but I'm not sure with holiday's coming up we might cheat a little! So Protective styling is in and I copied this style from Diva Locks. As soon as I saw this flat twist style I knew I had to attempt to do this on the princess here is our version!

I started on clean, detangled and moisturized hair to wash and condition I used Beautiful Curls Shampoo and Leave-in detangling conditioner review coming soon.

I proceeded to do 2 strand flat twists going to one side I did use bands at the end of the flat twists but not on the ends of her hair.

I parted the top slightly different than Diva Locks but I'm still happy with the results.

For this part I used the 3 strand twist method I'm loving the way it looked. Now as many of you know we have a hard time keeping her hair from unraveling to remedy this I used eco styler gel and twisted her ends with my fingers and they stayed all night so I think we can get a week out of this style!

You know we couldn't leave you without posting a picture of her being her silly little self


  1. it turned out great! her hair is getting so long!

  2. What a pretty style on her! Her hair looks so soft and shiny!

  3. So cute :) I love it and her loose hair is so pretty :) thanks for the shout out :)

  4. @ Shay thank you and IKR its crazy I feel good about that but seein breakage makes me sad @ Nikki thank you and it feels very soft @Diva Locks thanks and np thanks for the inspiration @Untrained I appreciate it

  5. Ooh I love this! Ive been eyeing twists and wanna do a style but I dont think itll come out the same since leelees is so thin :( i love the thickness!

  6. You did a fantastic job!! Beautiful and beautiful baby!!!

  7. This is pretty. Baby Girl looks sooo cute in her silly pic. Love the way this turned out on her.

  8. this looks amazing you did great! I love it


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