Monday, November 21, 2011

Sock Bun to the side!

Our first ever sock bun! Although I wanted to get a couple more days out of our inspired style, it wasn't meant to be I tried desperately to make it last longer by cowashing her hair and then applying coconut oil to her scalp and re twisting the loose twist but for some unknown reason the next morning her scalp looked like this:

I mentioned it to my fellow hair blogging mommy's and showed them this picture and they thought maybe she had scratched her head, so I left the style in for the rest of the day and it was getting worse :( well I ended up removing the style and figured I would let her hair rest for the most part for a few days.

We had an appointment and I needed something I could pull off with a quickness and still look cute so I decided to give the sock bun a try and we both loved it.

I added a flower clip which you can't see too well in this picture but I know you see my lil fat man sitting there! And this is how she has been wearing her hair for several days since she throws a fit everytime I remove the sock for the night!

not really sure what she was doing!

and last but not least that beautiful smile!
o and of course fat man again playing with a car!

For great sock bun tutorials click the links below!

Diva Locks Sock bun Tutorial

Mainly Braids Sock bun Tutorial


  1. aw they are too cute! I love the sock bun to the side so cute! Thanks for the shout out :)

  2. Char- Thank you ooo so much!!!

    Diva Locks- anytime miss lady! and thank you!

    Dominique- thank you but looks are deceiving

  3. lol @ fat man, they are both sooo dang cute!

  4. i love suck buns..yours is perfection!

  5. Love it! It's so cute that she gets upset hen you take the sock out lol

  6. The sock bun looks great on her. Your lil man is a cutie like the rest of your kids.


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