Thursday, January 19, 2012

Update Fat Fat's Curls

Whew would you look at them juicy curls! lol, all joking aside we are still using the Cara B Naturally products on his hair and his hair really loves these products. I also love the easiness of applying the products to his hair I was his hair twice a week with the Shampoo and then apply the moisturizer in between washes I just spray it with the moisturizing mist and comb it gently it keeps his hair looking shiny and soft.


  1. his hair is looking nice and i love his lil spider socks =)

  2. Those curls are poppin'. I love how they look. Gonna have to try that Cara B on Des. I have used it on me and liked it.

  3. Thanks Shay I had to buy him some that matched his big brothers lol!
    Michelle thanks you should I love their line

  4. Wow, all those pretty curls make him look like such a big boy!

  5. Ooohhhh his curls are so gorgeous...or should I say handsome lol. Either way they look amazing!


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