Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Malikhi's Protective Style

As you all know we are participating in KandyLand Kurls Protective Style Challenge. Malikhi and Chaela are the only 2 participating this time and here is his style!

We started by washing his hair with Beautiful Curls Shea moisture shampoo and moisturizing with their leave in conditioner, and sealed with coconut oil.

I parted his hair from ear to ear and started cornrowing half way back and braiding all the way down.

The back is just individual box braids I measured his hair after I braided it and it was 10.5 inches long!

* side not MaChaela's mini braids are 9.5 long and thats good for us!


  1. I like this style on him. Looks great.

  2. Great curly ends :) How long did this take you?

  3. Shay-Thanks
    Michelle G- thank you much
    Tav- =) about an hour
    Diva Locks-thank you

  4. great job! and good luck in the challenge!


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