Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blended Beauty Review!

We are reviewing Blended Beauty for this review we recieved their Curly Cake Shake, as well as their Down & Out Styles butter. I used these on Chaela so she could wear her hair out and as many of you know we don't do that often especially since it is getting cold but we didn't have anywhere to go so I decided lets keep it down instead of doing a quick style. I started off by washing and deep conditioning her hair to wash I used Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Shampoo and for deep conditioning I used Jane Carter Solutions Conditioner.

   After Washing and deep conditioning I used the Blended Beauty Curly Cake Shake as a moisturizer and detangler, I was actually able to detangle most of her hair with my fingers using this product instead of having to use our wide tooth comb.  After I was done detangling I parted her hair directly down the middle, and then parted into small sections to apply the Down & Out styles.

This is what her hair looked like directly after applying it, I am going to be honest I like how her curls looked and that they weren't crunchy I did have to use a bit more product than I would have liked but it seemed to work better with lots of product, I tried this once before with just a little and they did not stay moisturized and got super frizzy.

This is the princess 4 hours after applying her curls still looked nice and were not crunchy at all which I absolutely loved, every thing I try makes her curls crunchy :\

This is her hair about 7-8 hours after and she had already took a nap with her hair wrapped up of course! OO don't mind the bow change her Grandma made her this bow to wear for christmas and she just had to put it on.

you can visit Blended Beauty's website or their facebook page to learn more about their products and to purchase your own.

*These products were sent to me for the purpose of this review all opinions stated are mine, I was not compensated in any way for this review by the company.


  1. Her hair looks amazing, and she's just as beautiful as ever!!

    Love it!!!!!!

    I'm glad the products work for you! I <3 them.


  2. i love her curls and the bows ;)

  3. Chaela's hair looks great. Her curls are so defined. She looks pretty with her bows on.

  4. Her hair looks grereat and she is just adorable!

  5. Her hair looks great and I love both bows! She's sooo cute! <3

  6. Great results, her curls looks amazing!

  7. Look at that little face!! She is so sweet and her curls look amazing :)


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