Friday, December 30, 2011

Chaela's New do!!!!

Ok let me start by saying it has been forever since I have done a hairstyle on my babies :\ well anything that was worth sharing with holiday havoc and everything else I just haven't had time!

So I finally got around to getting Chaela's hair done without further ado here it is

I started like always on clean detangled hair I washed her hair with Beautiful Curls curl moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

I parted a square on the top of her head to the side and did 3 braids going to the side of her head then braided the rest straight back

I then secured her hair with these pretty yellow bands and did a regular 2 strand twist on the ends of her hair I am hoping to put this into a cute updo in the morning after her twist have dried from the eco styler gel I used to hold them

Top view!!

And of course I tried to get a cute pic of her smiling but she decided to move and get a profile shot instead =)

Will do an update soon if I can get the updo to work the way I want it too!!! Check out brothers in the back lol!!!!


  1. i LOVE this! it's soooo cute. i also love that you're watching maury in the background lol

  2. So neat and perfect parts, I love it :)

  3. Thanks everyone @ Shay IKR we had to record it so we wouldnt miss it!!!!! @ Char, Katherine, Brooke, DivaLocks, Intermittent Babbling and Tav thanks so much I appreciate it!

  4. She looks so cute. Love the way this style looks on her.


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