Monday, December 5, 2011

Boys Braids!

Hey I know I've been MIA Holidays are always super busy in our house, since we have so much family to visit this time of year, I did do Malikhi's hair after thanksgiving we did not do styles for this holiday just did not have the time to do anything intricate. So here is what I did with Malikhi before he went back to school

He has 3 bigger braids this style is hard to walk through so I hope the pictures help, we washed and conditioned his hair using Beautiful curls shampoo and conditioner.

sealed in the moisture from the water with coconut oil detangled and parted then started braiding.

We did this style over the course of 4 hours taking several breaks during this. He loves it and so do I.

Minibraids- Well the Minibraids only lasted 2 weeks before they were looking pretty rough He will not sleep with anything on his head so that is probably why.


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