Thursday, February 9, 2012

Malikhis Protective style week #3

We are in our third week of the Protective style challenge and we opted for a simpler style this week. I started on dry hair I did not wash his hair this week as it was not dirty and still very moisturized so I just applied some Beautiful Curls curl reviving Tonic and coconut oil.

Now are you ready for the shocker his daddy came up with this style O_o I wasn't sure what to do and he was like why don't you just start the braids at the back and wrap them around so I did and I absolutley love it!
So far we are having great results from the protective style challenge and I am very happy that we are participating


  1. oh I love this!! And I love the new look of the blog too!

  2. Love this, too! Great idea from Dad--this is going into my "to try" file, for sure!


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