Friday, February 10, 2012

Mini Braid update

We are going on our 4th week with the mini braids and they are still holding up! Some had come unraveled and we just keep rebraiding them
I moisturize her hair daily with my own water and coconut oil mixture and I have been paying special close attention to the ends of her hair as it is the oldest and needs the most moisture.
she loves the mini braids and so do I

love this style and isn't that just the cutest headband ever!

Just a simple side pony with an adorable crochet bow!

she just had to pose for the picture lol

braided piggy tails a classic and super simple as well

I'm slightly sad that it is about time to remove the wonderful mini braids but am seriously contemplating putting them right back in after I wash and condition!


  1. her braids looks so great! she's so flipping cute i can't stand it =D

  2. How do you secure the ends of each mini braid? Are you using clear bands? I love this hairstyle so much!

    1. I didn't use any rubberbands on the end we are trying to stay away from those since they damage the hair I used some ecostyler gel for hold and just twirled the ends of her hair around my fingers

  3. Awwww, I love the mini braids on her! You have so many great styles shown here, with her mini braids :-)


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