Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Week 5 Protective style challenge!

We are behind on posting this sorry! This is our week 5 styles of the protective style challenge, we just did simple box braids on Malikhi because he wasn't feeling well and it is by far one of the best protective styles.
We used the curls of the world products started with their shampoo and conditioner and braided with their curl cream and eco styler.

I am in love with these on him look how shiny and healthy his hair looks.

Next we have the princess style I started on the top with this design just by crossing the braids over each other, I did the middle braid first and then proceeded to the two on the side.

I braided the rest of her hair to the center of her head as if I were doing a mohawk style.

I did all this using curls of the world products the same as listed on Malikhi's Box Braids.

I then braided all the braids into one big french braid. this is by far one of my favorite styles I have done on her and she liked it next time I will def do the cornrows smaller.


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