Saturday, April 21, 2012

Curly Cutie In the Limelight with Naomi

Naomi is a up-coming model. Naomi is very intellectual girl she currently speaks two languages! She speaks Russian and English. Naomi loves to draw and read! She can spell 1st grade level words and she's only 3. Her favorite colors are pink and white! She loves to take pictures and has been modeling since before she was 1 years old. (and what a beauty she is!)

Naomi's Hair care routine/Regimen:

-I wash her hair 2 or 3 times every week.
-Her hair is really soft, so we can’t pull it to tight which limits the kind of styles we can do, also she has very full hair.
We cover those flaws by leaving her hair in afros over braiding it or putting it in ponytails.
- After washing her hair we style it with  Mixed Chicks ( I haven't tried Mixed Chicks yet Chaela's hair is super soft too!)

What's your go to quick style?
 Before you go to bed, braid your hair if your not going to wash it in the morning, then take the braids out and it turns out curly. (love braid outs)
Whats your all time favorite products?
We love using Mixed Chicks  

Can you share your or your child's favorite style?
Naomi loves wearing her hair out. ( so does my baby)

What was your greatest obstacle when learning to care for and style your cuties hair?
she loves While styling Naomi hair we try to distract her by putting on the tv or making her draw-  watching Disney Channel especially Shake it up 
Naomi is such a pretty little girl, her hair is so pretty too! I would like to thank you for this feature hopefully we will be seeing alot more of Miss Naomi On Boy's & Girl's Natural Curls!


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