Monday, April 23, 2012

First Updo!

This style is inspired by Mainly Braids She has done a few updo's on her daughter which I loved.
So I decided that hopefully Chaela's hair was long enough to try a few and it was so here is our updo.
I started by parting her hair directly down the middle, I braided each side as if I was braiding into a mohawk.
I wish she would have sat still its quite difficult to braid the back of a 2 year olds hair into the center if they don't want to cooperate. I braided each braid all the way down.

I couldn't figure out exactly how I wanted to pin her hair up so I started by taking the braids from the bottom and flat twisting them all together.

I then took instruction from Mainly Braids Youtube Video. and created 2 bumps and pinned them with small bobby pins. After I took these pictures she asked to see them and she was delighted she said Mommy its beautiful! So if she likes it I love it


  1. Thanks for the shout out girl! I'm glad I was able to inspire because this little updo on her is awesome!

    1. Well miss lady you did inspire me and I have to give credit where its due!!! you always style miss A's hair so pretty!

  2. Very cute, I like it :) I love how you hold her head in place to take the pic that always cracks me up :D

    1. lmao! If I don't she wont sit still and let me take the pic


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