Friday, April 27, 2012

Refashioned shirt to dress and switched up hair

See that shirt yup that one right there ^^^. That shirt was sitting in my closet for over a year way to small for me so I decided hmmm wouldn't this make a wonderful dress for the princess yup that is exactly what I did made her a cute little black dress!
How adorable is that? She loves it and so do I! Please excuse her ashy knees They didn't look like that until the flash hit them lol!
And the back!

Now on to her hair remember Our Updo? Well I simply removed the braids after banding sections together.
And Walah we have a super cute mohawk
its a little frizzy but oh well we will be going back to mini braids this week!
And how could I leave you without our cute pose!!
She is such a silly Girl!


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