Monday, September 12, 2011

Old style (Sideways Mohawk remixed)

I'm sure everyone remembers this style I remember after I did this style I didn't want to leave the beads on too long so I changed it up a little bit! I should have posted this the day I did it but to be honest I forgot that I took pictures (don't judge me) I have 4 kids so I forget quite a bit lol! So basically all I did was take all the beads off and then braided the top 2 sections of braids down and the bottom  2 sections of braids up and this resulted in a side pony added some purple heart ballies and unbraided the pony and she had a really cute style that lasted a few extra days!

 *please excuse the poor quality of the pictures they were taken on daddies phone!


  1. Too cute! I'm a sucker for anything mohawk related, so you know I love this!

  2. This is cute. It is always nice to find pictures when you least expect it.

  3. Ummm... Why am I just seeing this!?!?!? LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I'm like Nikki...I <3 a faux hawk (as I call them)... Very pretty! :)

  4. Nikki thanks girl! I love Mohawk styles too all of them! Michelle thank you I know I was so happy thanks to dadyy! Char I should have posted both together after I remixed it but I forgot that I took these pics lol!


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