Friday, September 9, 2011

"Mixed" Hair!

I absolutely LOVE comedy I enjoy the other night we sat down after we put the kids to bed and watched Mike Epps Presents Live From Nokia! This show was so funny I couldn't stop laughing and I am a huge fan of Mike Epps! While all the comedians were funny as we all know most of these comedy shows have tons of joke about race and there was one comedian in particular that said some things that are true and they inspired this post! This comedians name is Gary Owens.
As you can see from this picture they are an interracial couple now the jokes he told pertained to his kids and their hair textures! I could not find a clip of the video but his words were something like "with mixed kids you never know what you are getting with their hair" I laughed at the joke because while it was funny it is also true I have put together a collage of my kids and their different hair textures now many of you might say 4 kids from the same parents their hair can't be that much different well you would be surprised exactly how different they are.

I will start from the left and go to the right though I don't know their exact hair types I will try to explain them thoroughly to everyone.
First there's Malikhi his hair is very very kinky in this picture his hair has been stretched and combed thoroughly his curls a much tighter and the texture itself is in between its not real soft but its not course either.
Then there's Malic his hair has bigger softer curls but the texture is more rough than Malikhi's as you can see in this picture he has coils but we generally keep his hair pretty short.
Then the princess MaChaela her hair is kinky and her curls are tight but its very soft and fine its not thick like Malikhi and Malics hair.
Then you have the baby boy his curls aren't quite in yet but from the looks of them right now they are bigger curls like Malics but right now its still quite soft and thin!

Now all my babies were born with straight black hair they didn't have much just a thin layer of hair and then it grew in over time MaCorey is the only one that hasn't experienced any hair loss as he got older the other 3 most of their hair fell out and grew back quite fuzzy! So, I would just like everyone to know you can't expect all your children to have the same hair texture this is not necessarily going to happen no matter what you expect!


  1. Gary Owens is HILARIOUS!! One of the funniest comedians out there!! :) -- His wife is beautiful as well!!

    And yep... You never know what hair texture you'll get... Even as a black woman married to a black man, our babies hair textures are completely different!! It's all in the role of the dice... and genetics, of course! :)

    Thanks for posting,


  2. All three of my children have different hair types as well. I know exactly what you are talking about. I love that about hair though.

  3. Char isn't he hilarious I was laughin too hard!!!! Michelle that is the wonderful thing about hair!

  4. Sooo, true! My kids have quite similar hair types but their hair COLORS are different, eye colors are all different, skin colors are all different, it's crazy... and great! I've never heard of Gary Owens, I need to look him up! His wife is gorgeous :)

  5. Tav! I know exactly what you mean all my kids have different skin tones and hair colors lol Chaela and Malikhi both have a slight red tint in the summer! and they both have lighter eyes while Malic and the baby both have dark eyes

  6. I like Gary Owens, he is funny :) I knew his wife was black but I had never seen a picture of her, she is pretty :)

  7. That is so funny and so true! I didn't know if Baby O's hair was going to be European like mine, African like her dad's or a mix of both of ours--thick and curly. Well, she got the African hair type, buuuuuut the light red color from my European side. When it comes to babies, it's ALL a dice game when trying to figure out features. That's what makes it so exciting to finally see what they're gonna look like when they're born :-)

  8. he is HILARIOUS! i laugh so hard when i watch him and i did not know his wife was that pretty!

  9. This is an old post but it drew my attention while I was reading about your baby boy's hair. I love me some Gary Owens that man is absolutely hilarious!!


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