Thursday, September 29, 2011

Organizing Accessories and Necessities!

I have seen a couple post on how other organize their Hair products and accessories Mainly Braids has a great way that they organize all their hair accessories! There is also All Things Cute and Girly also shows how she keeps hers organized!

I love seeing everyones different ideas mine is not so original but it works for us and I used items we already had around the house. Ziploc bags and older storage containers is really all we use!
This is all our hair bows we don't use much right now so we don't have much! All I did for this was staple a piece of ribbon on the wall and clipped all our bows to them! (free) I already had this piece of ribbon laying around

We just put all our curlformers in this plastic shoebox we actually bought this for something else but ended up not needing it so we decided it was perfect for the curlformers! (1.50) on sale at WalMart.

Comb's brushes, bobby pins, and rubberbands are in the top drawer of a small plastic dresser! the rubberbands are kept in the little blue bag from our bank!

This is our beads all spread out for you to see they are almost all organized in separate bags by color! Let me Clarify the ones that aren't are the bigger beads such as the Hearts, butterfly's, and stars, as well as the princess mix we bought from walmart already mixed together. The small container is little clippies.

These are the beads put up in the drawer they are placed in the bottom takes up less room in Ziploc bags than if I were to place them all in separate plastic containers.

These are our ballies and barrettes they again are separated by color ballies and barrettes of matching color are in the same bag! The 2 small green containers are cloth pony's!

Ballies and Barrettes in their drawer they are in the middle as we use these more than the beads! once again still plenty of room for more stuff since we use the Ziploc bags.

This is our arsenal of hair products!!! Since we have 4 children we do have lots of stuff (I'm not a PJ I swear) and Yes we do use all of it for different styles. (excuse the magic marker).

Like I said everyone organizes differently if you would like to share how you organize do so on our facebook fan page or even on our facebook friend page!


  1. thanks for the shout out! i love the bow holder

  2. Love it, and you definitely don't have PJism. I only have one child that I do hair for and I have tons more product...*blushing.* Girl has to have options.

  3. ORGANIZATION 'R' YOU!!! HAHA!! I love it!!! And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sharpie mark!! Looks like my stuff! :)

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. You ladies and your organizing lol. Looks great! I'm gonna post a pic of our bow holder to your page. I took one of Baby O's little hanger and cut three strips of wide ribbon--I folded just a little of the tops of the ribbon over the bottom part of the hanger and hot glued it in place! Super easy!


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