Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Flat twisted piggy tails!

I'm sure everyone remembers the flat twisted piggytails with braids and blue and pink sidewinders. It lasted a little longer than I thought it would! The braids were looking pretty terrible today but the flat twists still looked great! So I decided to change the colors of sidewinders, add some ballies, and change the braids into rope twists!

I also decided instead of parting it straight down the middle I would add a little zig zag to it! I hope you guys like it I'm still not fond of the top but I am fond of getting as long out of a style as possible!
Oh yea I also love this outfit!!!!!


  1. Awwwwwwwwwww!! Too cute!! I WANT SOME SIDEWINDERS!! Imma need to get some!!! She looks GORGEOUS and her outfit?!?! I NEED that in my life for Choca!!! *sigh* I need to know where you got it from, etc!!!!

    Lovin' it,



  2. Thanks Charlotte! Choca would look so cute with sidewinders! The skirt is from guess!!! WalMart I believe the shirt is from target

  3. MaChaela's hair looks soooo cute! I love the part. Keep up the beautiful work, Mama!

  4. i love pink and yellow together. she's too precious!

  5. so cute, I love the outfit and the hair :)


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