Sunday, October 2, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Styles!

For the October Hair Carnival we concluded into doing styles for breast cancer awareness I tried and tried to braid the logo and this is the best I could get it

after 3 trys I decided to leave it

Thats what we came up with for Malikhi I kinda freestyled it after I did the "logo" I know it's not accurate but I tried =) *excuse the frizzy's he did not leave his durag on all night

On to the princess with the Logo not coming out well on Malikhi I was not gonna attempt to do it on MaChaela so to honor Breast cancer awareness I used LOTS of Pink!!!

Can't go wrong with Piggy tails and Pink

I'm gonna regret the size of these braids when It's time to take them out

Remember ladies Breast Cancer is serious be aware and don't forget to do your self exams!!!!!


  1. Two heads are better than one. Much props for getting them both done and doing such a great job. Love both styles!

  2. These are cute! I love chaelas! Idk if you planned it but the weaved braids on malikhi work great in the back because they look like the logo to me.

  3. I LOVE THEM BOTH, girl!! You did a FANTASTIC JOB!! I especially love how your son has his hair done as well... Many folks don't know that breast cancer affects males as well, so the style you did on him is EXTRA special in my book! :) -- Love them both... And those little braids?!?!? GORGEOUS!! LOVING THE PINK!! :)

    Great job, ma!


  4. Gorgeous styles!! I love that you included your son!!

  5. As Baby O would say they look "FABULOUS!" Malikhi and MaChaela look adorable and I love that you included Malikhi in on this!

  6. Wow, you did great on the logo! And I love her little braids, I know it's gonna be rough taking them out, but they look sooooo cute though!

  7. Love both styles! I'm looking forward to K's hair getting longer so I can braid his hair too. I'm loving those piggy tails with the pink beads - maybe I'll have to see if I can get you one of those "braidkombs" to ease your take-down pain (:

  8. They both look great! And I absolutely LOVE all that pink!

  9. Michelle G-Thanks tell my hands that please!

    Shay-Thanks Lady!

    allthingscutengirly-thanks much no I didn't plan that lol but we can play like I did

    Char-Thanks appreciate that!

    Braidwithme- Awww Thanks He wasn't too happy lol cause the logo is pink and he saw that on the comp

    DivaLocks-Thanks girl

    Precious-Thank you

    Nikki-Thanks much aww Baby O!


    Goldilocks-Thank you very much it was a pain gettin them in too lol

    Mama M-Thanks yes I could use one of those where do you get those at?

    Rae-aww Thanks

    all youladies make me smile =)

  10. I think your styles look amazing! and you're right, it's hard to go wrong with pigtails :D Your braiding is wonderful!

  11. Love the criss cross braids with the ribbon in the back, so creative and I love the pigtails with the beads, so cute!

  12. Carol you did a great job and I love them both. I might do a copy cat style of your son's hair on leel's!

  13. Beautiful!!! The criss cross braids almost looks like a veil style! And I love the pink beads in your daughter's hair!

  14. those criss cross braids are something fierce! I love how the go into the ponies. your sons style is amazing too. NOICE!


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