Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2nd day with box braids!

 Day 2 of the box braids and exactly what I was afraid of her hair is not holding on the ends as I would like it to. Woke up and had to rebraid one in the front and as the day progresses more and more are comin out and getting rebraided. On the upside I love the fact that I could just put her hair back into piggy tails and add this pretty bow it was super simple and took 3 minutes or so there didn't seem to be much fuss from her and she is enjoying this style :) update again soon


  1. Oh no! I was always afraid that my daughter will unravel the braids when I do them on her. I started using Taliah Waajid Loc It Up and twisting then ends then wrapping them up in a snap. I leave the snaps in for about a day and then take them out. She pretty much keeps her hands out of them now and the braids stay in for about a week--when they start to get fuzzy.

  2. I can't tell but did ypu use rubberbands at the base of each box braid? I want to do this on my daughter but shell need something at the base because the braids always flip and pop up if I don't. Idk if that makes sense..lol

  3. I understand exactly what your saying and I didn't put rubberbands on the ends I should have cause they started unraveling so fast but I was trying to stray away from them guess its just not gonna work yet


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