Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 4 Bullet your entire Day

Well here's my day
  • 6:30 woke up
  • 7 fed the kids
  • 8 went to the store and the park (got slightly offended which led to a new post)
  • 9:30 came home fed dog cleaned kitchen,living room, and bathroom
  • 10 started one post
  • 11:30 started lunch
  • 12 fed the bd and the babies
  • 1 called poison control had slight nervous breakdown
  • 2 layed kids down cleaned kitchen again
  • 2 finished Nappy post
  • 3 started going through boxes in attic found a love letter from the bd when he was in bootcamp
  • 4 cleaned the boys room threw away old toys and folded some laundry
  • 5 started dinner
  • 6:30 finally ate something I know its late
  • 8 watched a movie and played a game with the kids
  • 8:30 gave the kids a bath 
  • 9 put kids in bed
  • 9:26 writing this post and watching my strange addiction
Whewwww that was alot never realized how lazy my days are


  1. Lol I'm crackin up I forgot to put brush teeth hahaha o well

  2. You had a full day, besides that lame comment :( But I like that show too lol those people are something else

  3. I feel like I dont do anything after reading that, maybe cause my babies are old enough to do for themselves. I hope that is what it is and not that I am just lazy.

    Very glad that your son is okay though, think he scared all us moms.

  4. you had a very busy day too....with kids moms are NEVER lazy lol

  5. What a full day! Mommies are always busy :-)

  6. Yea I never realized how much stuff I actually did and I forgot to eat lmao! @ Michelle I can't wait till they are a little bit older and I don't have to do almost everything for them Thanks it was nice having you guys for support!


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