Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY-Flower Clips

 To make the flower clips that I previously mentioned on this post you will need a few things first a hot glue gun I purchased mine for $2.47 at WalMart and the glue sticks were the same price for 30. 

You will also need some fake flowers just pick out your favorite ones I believe the ones I picked ranged from $2.00 to $3.00 the Walmart here doesn't have a very big craft section, and we do not have any craft stores. For this DIY I will be using the red flower in the picture. 
 Also needed are some rhinestones or any kind of decoration you would like for the middle. I bought these acrylic jewels which were kind of small so instead of just using one I clustered them together.

 You will also need some clips. I prefer these clips that latch I think I got 4 clips for $3.00. I like these because they stay in the princesses hair without me having to do a whole bunch to it.

Step by Step instructions
1.) Take your flower and remove the stem on mine I had to remove each layer from the flower because there were plastics pieces through out it on the orange one I did this step was not necessary until i started gluing them to the clip.

2.) I glued a piece of ribbon on to the clip which is not necessary with this particular flower as it is big enough to cover the entire clip

 3.) Start by gluing the biggest petal from the flower on the clip and work your way up from the bottom of the flower to the top.

4.) Glue the rhinestone or stones in the center of the flower, and you have your own custom flower clip.
I think I spent a total of $20.00 on this project and I'm getting 4 custom flower clips out of the deal so I think that's pretty good considering we can't get to many hair accessories where I live. I would love to be able to take credit for this but honestly I would have never thought about it if it wasn't for Nikki here's the original post that she linked me to, I really appreciate this and I'm happy that I'm able to share this with all my readers.


  1. Cool, thanks for sharing! I will have to try my hand at this sometime :)

  2. I love that flower! Ooooo, you're giving me the itch to go buy more flowers lol

  3. Uhoh Nikki do we need to do a bloggervention lol. UHM it was super easy I'm so glad Nikki told me about it

  4. Ahh I love it! Thanks for the post..I want to try and make extra money. It may be hard since so many peope do it though :(

  5. I know I'm thinking about making a tutu with a matching clip for a giveaway though hopefully in the near future

  6. love it ! will be trying this i made a baby wipe case and stopped there lol now you go me rubled to do more projects :) love the flower

  7. Gorgeous flower, I love making these!

  8. fun!!

    and I love the new header :)

  9. @ Kandy super duper simple you will get hooked! @ Karli awww thanks glad you noticed

  10. This is so cute!! I <3 making flowers. I do sell mine... It's kinda hard to do it online though... So, I take it to the streets!! Gotta get that extra cash, right? :) -- Great post, mami!


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