Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nappy!?!?! What's it mean to you

I often hear people refer to their hair or someone else hair as "nappy" my inspiration for this post came when I was at the store today and someone referred to my son as having "nappy" hair not pretty curls like most multiracial children, now although my son did not hear this I took it offensively my self. Needless to say when I got home I decided to look up the meaning of this word and this is what I got
chiefly Scottish
: liquor; specifically : ale 
obsolete nappy, adjective, foaming
First Known Use: circa 1550
So as everyone can see this word has absolutely nothing to do with hair. I have never liked this word or someone using it to refer to my children's beautiful curls. I want everyone to be more aware when this word is used I am going to do another post on this subject soon I have an interview set up with a friend of mine I would love to get other perspectives on this if you are interested email me at
 Also I decided to google Nappy under images this is one of several pictures that popped up and I love her hair!


  1. Wow I never knew that's what the dictionary defintion is. I wonder where the word nappy referring to hair came from.

  2. I don't know I tried to find that but I couldn't maybe I'll be able to find it before my next post on it!

  3. I really don't not like the term nappy...although it is term of endearment in the natural hair community...I am going to do more research on how AA hair became know as NAPPY!!!

  4. Tracey If you find anything interesting and want to do a post on it I'd love to feature it!

  5. I like to comment on natural hair bc it is reinforcing to the children and to my own when I compliment others.

    So I am the white mother of a mixed girl. Our family is at a restaurant and there are 3 white folks and a mixed-race child across from us. When they get up to leave I say to the little girl, "I love your hair! it is so beautiful. I wish my hair was just like yours"

    So the white mom launches into this rant, "Oh My Gawd!" she says, "She has my hair." and she's pulling on her straightened hair, "When I was pregnant I was so worried she was going to have HIS hair. My niece, her cousin, has that nappy hair and it is terrible. It is so hard to work with and it sticks straight up. It is awful." Then white Grandma chimes in, "It's just awful." Then mom again, "I am just so glad."

    Meanwhile I am saying nothing bc I'm thinking "Do they realize that my husband is sitting RIGHT HERE?" and both of love a lot of women with "that" hair. His mom, his sisters, his aunts, our friends, their children...

    I would usually have a lot to say that would make her look like an ass but I just was so stunned and frustrated. Some people should NOT be allowed to raise black children.


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