Monday, July 18, 2011

Protective Style First Box Braids!

 So since I had to take down her hairstyle that was very unsuccessful I decided I would try and do some box braids and give the beads a rest for the rest of the summer, that is unless we have a family function or something special goin on! Of course like usual she kicked and screamed and didnt want any part of gettin her hair done but I feel like it was a success. After washing and deep conditioning I applied Cantu shea butter leave in conditioner and sealed with pure coconut oil. then parted into 4 seperate sections and did very simple box braids. She does like them even though she didnt want to sit still.
As you can see in the picture below she has that pouty look on her face she was just so devasted that I made her sit still! lol. but as usual the end result was very pleasent.

Shes so sad!!!!


  1. Aww look at that face LOL! Very cute style!

  2. Aww she is so precious even with her pout lol . Hope fully she will get better with getting her hair done as time hours on.
    Baby Bella Hair

  3. I sure hope so lol shes so dramatic everytime been doin her hair faithfully every week for the past 6 months and it gets worse everytime

  4. Awww-she has a cute pouty face! Those box braids into two piggy tails are so adorable, too


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