Saturday, August 20, 2011

Naturally Curled Cutie Tae in the Limelight!

This is our second, yes, second Naturlly Curled Cutie In the LimeLight! This is Tae and Mommy Ricci! 

My name is Ricci. I have 1 daughter, she's 2 we call her Tae. I have been pretty much doing pony tails and braiding the bangs. But have recently started braiding full head. I have been braiding for years for my family & friends but its much different on a little one.(Yes it is, We all know the struggle doing a toddlers hair)

What is your current hair care routine/regimen?
*Our hair care routine is usually a wash and detagle with just 4 me products, then air dry.

What's your go to quick style?
*2 braids in front and diagonal part with 2 pig tails. (Can't go wrong with this style)

Whats your all time favorite products?
*I have really only used just 4 me products on my child. (If it aint broke don't fix it)

Any tips or tricks you would like to share?
*Not really. I turn on cartoons and she watches them and pretty much let's me do my thing. I'll take and tips or tricks though ;o)
(if anyone would like to share with this momm leave a comment)
Can you share your or your child's favorite style?
*She likes anything with beads she likes to whip her hair like Willow Smith.

What was your greatest obstacle when learning to care for and style your cuties hair?
*Having patience with her since she is so little and doesn't really like me to do her hair.

Thanks for sharing all your information and pictures Mommy Ricci! Remember if you would like to have your curly cutie featured click here send us an email and your little boy or girl could be next!


  1. Ooo yeah, ATCAG took the words right out of my mouth, totally cute styles! I love that whole bottom collage, especially the middle one. Cute baby girl!

  2. What a cute lil baby! I really like her cornrows going up in a ponytail photo.

  3. She is just the cutest thing...I love the styles on her, too!

  4. So cute!!! I feel your pain about styling a toddler's hair! ;-)


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