Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stolen Style update

As promised here is the update on the style that I stole from Beads, Braids, & Beyond and just as I suspected it's time to take it down already :( The plastic bands are steadily breaking off and it already looks super frizzy! No matter how much I love this style I have to let go. you can see how loose everything looks I did replace a few bands this morning cause we had an appt at 10:15 and I would not have had enough time to take her hair down and wash it so I tried my best to salvage it! I got a total of 3 days out of this style and I guess I can be happy with that as most styles don't last too long especially any kind of twist.

So now it is time to head back to the drawing bored and see what else I can come up with! Once again BBB Thanks for the inspiration!

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