Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Did It Again!!!!

So We had to take off the sidewinders and unbraid the piggytails cause they was starting to look rough!
What we did was fairly simple we just braided them into 2 big braids and put ballies on the ends left the front exactly the same.

See how frizzy it is? I'm hoping we can make this last till sunday or even Monday since I have to do something great to Malikhi's hair for pictures on Monday!

We stuck with the same colors Pink & Blue so we wouldn't have to change the sidewinder in the front!

Couldn't leave this post without showing you a cute picture of her showing off her sucker!

Look at fatty fat in the background tearing that sucker up!


  1. They still look good to me! Did you wet the braids before you braided them together? Sometimes that helps.

  2. No I didn't wet them I sure will next time though!!! Thank you for the advice! as well as the compliment

  3. I like this switch-up! MaChaela is too cute! Where's my lolli?

  4. They still look good to me too! She is so cute :)

  5. Aww look at them! Adorable babies!

  6. Her hair is so cute... And, I do agree w/Aisha... It'll change EVERYTHING! :)

    I want a lollipop too, mami!!!

    Beautiful babies!!


  7. so cute <3

    my kids love them some suckers too =)

  8. This style looks great to me, I love all your switch ups!


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