Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Update on Malics Hair

I told you guys I was gonna grow out Malic's hair and that we wouldn't be doing cuts due to the cold weather so I wanted to update and let everyone see where we are at.

Right now its pretty much at the inbetween phase it's long enough that when I moisturize and comb it it don't lay down and look nice it just kinda curls up!

We still have awhile to go before I can start lockin it up but thought I would share this!


  1. His curls are cute! Can't wait to see his locs!

  2. How cute are those little curls?!! Lovin' that!

  3. His hair is gorgeous... But, not as gorgeous as him! :)


  4. Malic is so out Mama! I love those curls, too!


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