Thursday, October 6, 2011

Switch it up!

We decided to remove the beads from our Breast Cancer Awareness style. but since the braids still looked decent we just switched it up a bit.

I braided 3 sections of each piggy tail together to make 3 bigger braids on each side then added some sidewinders in blue and pink1

The braids are slightly frizzy but I think we can make them last till saturday or sunday!

Very first time using the 1' sidewinders aren't they so cute!

love the way it looks!!!!


  1. I like how you changed it up. It looks great. Love Sidewinders, I want some sooooo bad.

  2. This is cute! I love the way you parted the small braids, it looks really cool in the last pic!

  3. Michelle-Thank you you should def get some they are so great!

    Precious- thanks much I thought it looked cool too lol I was thinkin that as I was lookin at the pic

  4. Ooh i really like this. You know how I feel about braiding braids together!

  5. SO pretty!!! I love your braiding style too!! Nothing like switching up a style and getting more wear out of it!! :)

    She's so gorgeous too!! :)


  6. Oooo, I love the back, and of course, the sidewinders!

  7. this is so cute and it was a great idea! <3 it Carol

  8. I'm with GDL! I'm in love with the back!


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