Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award!

                                 A Shout-out and a Thank You Goes to Diva Locks for Nominating
                                                             Me for This Award Check her out!!!

  1. Link back to the person who passed you the award
  2. Complete the form below
  3. Award 10 Blogs & drop them a line about it
  4. Share 7 random things about yourself 
 Here are my answers..
  • Name your favorite song: Super Bass-Nikki Minaj
  • Name your favorite dessert: Better than Sex Cake! 
  • What pisses you off: mostly dub people
  • When you're upset, you: I clean and listen to my ipod 
  • Your favorite pet: My Pittbull Athena
  • Black or white: Black
  • Your biggest fear:  Clowns
  • Best feature: My eyes
  • Everyday attitude: Whatever happens happens take it all in stride and try not to get irritated 
  • What is perfection: My 4 beautiful children 
  • Guilty pleasure: Butterfinger Blast!! 
 7 Random facts about me
  1. I'm not really funny, I'm just very mean and people think I'm joking. 
  2. Low tolerance for dumbness 
  3. I get bored with something very easily so I will switch up constantly
  4. I would rather watch reality tv than something made up
  5. I secretly think that if someone else can make something then so can I half the time it doesnt work
  6. I get angry easily 
  7. sometimes I wonder what if...........
Here are the bloggers I'm awarding.
Mainly Braids

Intermittent Babbling

Goldilocks *N* Me

Hair Raising Adventures

Young House Love

Diary of a Hair Princess

Braid With Me

Baby Big Hair

Tweeny Hair

Once Upon a Curl


  1. Aw thanks so much! We're blushing. And so honored to be listed among so many other awesome blogs. Off to check them out...

    Sherry (& John)

  2. Loved reading all your answers. Thanks for sharing a lil bit of yourself with us. Congrats on the Award!

  3. Sherry- you deserve it I love reading your blog its great!!!! Michelle Thanks you so much I am ecstatic!

  4. LOL I love reading your answers. Butterfinger Blasts are soooooo good and if it wasn't freezing cold I would go out and get one, now!


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